How to get an Equivalent  PHD
in Real Estate Transactions in One Day
This event is on Saturday September 29, at 10:00am. 
Urban League of Broward County 560 NW 27th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Literally every day I get questions from Students and non-students about how the 8 Steps in a wholesale real estate deal work.  The questions are valid and not knowing the answers brings about FEARS about “Does Real Estate Wholesaling Really Work in this market?”

For many years I addressed the 18 FEARS head-on that keep aspirating  investors from getting started in real estate.  But things have changed.  After talking with literally thousands of people who want to invest, it is apparent that there are 28 serious emotional roadblocks that STOP people from becoming investors.

What I decided to do at a Special Broward Investor Forum on Saturday, September 29th  is demystify these two Critical Topics – “The 8 Steps of Mastering Real Estate Wholesale Transactions” and “Overcoming the 28 Greatest Fears That Stop Investors”.

I will be doing an in-depth analysis of the 8 Steps and integrating the 28 Fears and their solutions into each of the appropriate Steps.

If this topic doesn’t sound very exciting you are missing the value of how important both topics are to every new and seasoned investor.  One of the largest groups where I get the most questions about the process of wholesaling is from Realtors®.

They get listings and close transactions but after slicing and dicing the commissions they rightfully feel they are working for tips.  Ironically, they work very much harder than investors on the same deals and most often make a lot less money.

Ironically, the misconceptions and misunderstandings go so deep that many Realtors® believe wholesaling is illegal.  I’ll dispel a number of these Urban Legends that simply keep Realtors® and aspirating investors from truly taking advantage of the enormous income potential of real estate investing!

I look forward to your attending and wish you limitless success in all you do,

Dave Dinkel


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